10 home remedies to keep baldness at bay

Home Remedies for Baldness

Disproportionate hair loss from the scalp is termed as baldness. It is habitually seen in the old people but nowadays young group undergo this due to scarce nutrition intake, unhealthy life style and stress. Males suffer the most compared to females. Main reasons for baldness are hereditary factors, junk food, hormonal changes, dandruff, trauma etc. However there are many home remedies that play significant role in treating baldness. There are several home remedies for baldness

  • Fenugreek seeds

Application of fenugreek powder/ flour after soaking it in water/buttermilk for couple of minutes is immensely helpful. After applying leave the paste for one hour and wash it. Hair fall will decrease and it will aid in the development of new hair.

  • Onion and honey mixture

Onion triggers the hair roots and when mixed with honey it works splendidly. Applying the mixture on the bald patches helps in escalation of hair.

  • Oil Massage

Massaging frequently with oils like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil etc will stimulate the roots of the hair and thus preventing occurrence of dandruff which will abet the hair growth.

Moreover massage would increase the circulation of blood in the scalp which will stimulate the glands to accelerate the hair growth.

  • Age old treatment of Henna

Since ancient ages henna has been used for hair. Usage of henna would give colour to the hair thus hiding greys, gives shines and prevents baldness.

Applying a paste of Henna, honey, tea leaves and curd and leaving it for an hour would prevent dandruff and avoid baldness.

  • Amla (gooseberry), Shikakai (Acacia concinna) and Aritha (soap nut).

Boiling gooseberry, Acacia concinna and soap nut together for around an hour and washing the hair with the blend thrice a week increases the hair expansion and thus avoiding baldness. It is one of the best homemade remedy that can be followed.

  • Egg

Egg is the best source of protein. Protein is what is required for hair growth and preventing hair fall. Beat the egg, apply the paste on the root follicles and hair too and leave the mixture for an hour. Though stinky it serves to be the worthy option for hair growth. It not only increases the growth but makes the hair silky, shiny and bouncy.

  • Black pepper and Lime

Grinding the seeds of black pepper and mixing it with lime juice. Applying the mixture on the bald patches is really helpful.

  • Avoiding over combing and hot water bath

Combing your hair is necessary but over combing the hair would result in weakening the hair follicles and thus resulting to hair loss. Same is with hot water. Hot water would wane the hair follicles which would result in thinning of the hair and finally the loss resulting into baldness.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the unique source which prevents the hair loss and thus stands among the best home remedies of baldness. Applying the aloe vera paste on the scalp and the hair strips would remove the dryness and help maintain the pH level of the scalp. Applying the paste and leaving it for couple of hours and washing it with warm water would remove the dryness of the hair. This procedure can be followed twice a week.

  • Food intake

For proper care of hair certain unhygienic and junk food should be avoided as they decelerate the hair growth. Moreover taking in proper quantity of water and thus keeping oneself hydrated is one of the way to prevent the loss of hair. Flax seeds, walnuts chick peas, sprouts etc boost the hair tissue growth and also help maintain proper production of oil in the glands.

Hair loss is a devastating condition that affects millions of men and women around the world. Home remedies can be used at a go as they would not be harmful at all even if over used. On the whole they are easily available in the kitchen and nearby so giving it a try is advisable.





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